Our curriculum will enable the children to continue, through active participation:

  1. To enjoy the learning process.
  2. To experience continuity and partnership between home, neighbourhood, community and nursery.
  3. To experience a caring and supportive environment in which there is equality of opportunity regardless of race, sex, culture, impairment or disadvantage.
  4. To be valued as an individual and develop a good self image.
  5. To acquire reasoned attitudes, values and beliefs, including a respect for and an understanding of other people's religious and moral values, and ways of life.
  6. To understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of all human, plant and animal life.
  7. To develop lively enquiring minds.
  8. To encourage independent thought.
  9. To develop the ability to argue and question rationally.
  10. To apply themselves to tasks.
  11. To develop the ability to make reasoned choices and decisions.
  12. To develop the ability to communicate their feelings, needs and experiences clearly and confidently, in a constructive way.
  13. To acquire knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes which can be practised and applied in many areas of the curriculum and life.
  14. To experience and appreciate personal achievement and the achievement of others.
  15. To experience responsibility for self and others.
  16. To develop the confidence to manage the effects of change in a rapidly-changing world.
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